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Dire T, a.k.a. Alessandro Tammaro (Naples, 1 August 1989), is a musician, producer and composer.

Following the footsteps of his brothers Marco and Luigi (guitarist and pianist), Dire T has been interested in music since he was a kid. At 12 he began playing the electric bass, his faithful Fender Jazz that still accompanies him throughout his musical adventures.
In 2008 he moves to Milan in search of new influences, ideas and musical crossovers. Two years later he founds the funk-electro band The Kolors, along with the current members Stash and Alessandro Fiordispino. The Kolors soon become one of the most popular bands in the local pub ‘Le scimmie’, as well as in many other well-known clubs (Magazzini Generali, Magnolia, Duel Beat, Bitte, Le Trottoir). The band eventually began playing at a lot of festivals across different locations in Italy and Europe (including London, Bratislava and Berlin). The Kolors also used to be the guest of Drop The Lime, Dr Lektroluv, Reset!, Punks Jump Up, Il Genio E Le Striscie. The official music video for ‘I Don’t Give a Funk’ was released in 2011, which was broadcasted on MTV New Generation; Andy from the band Bluvertigo appears in the video.

Dire T relocates to Rome in 2012, not long after his move he starts playing with his brother’s band Avantgarde. While playing with Avantgarde, Dire T writes several tracks and plays live shows in popular clubs between Rome and Naples, such as ‘Circolo degli Artisti’, ‘Arenile’, ‘Duel Beat’, ‘Galleria 19’, ‘Init Club’, ‘Contestaccio’ and ‘Muzak’. Avantgarde were also guest of Mumdance, Bobmo, Shock (Rinse FM) and many others. Dire T has also collaborated with Escape From Zoo, with whom he wrote the song ‘Movida’, the original sountrack for the Kellogg’s spot ‘Choco Krave’, transmitted during the MTV Awards 2013.

In 2016 Dire T decides to undertake a soloist career, which allowed him to experiment more freely with synthesizers and sound design. The new project blends together all his previous experiences and influences, also featuring Cristian Angelini (author of ‘Polar Station’ and ‘Heimat’), Marco Tammaro, as well as Gianluca Meloni and Francesco Cianella from Space Echo Studio for the mastering. It’s at Space Echo Studio that Dire T produces his debut album ‘Tomorrow We’ll Be Stronger’ with the Noise Resistance Records.
He invents the concept of ‘Synth Session’: a performance based on electronic improvisation, using a live setup of synthesizers, drum machines, bass, guitar and eventually additional instruments. Taking inspiration from the Synth Session, performed in Naples and Rome (Ex Asilo Filengieri, Brancaleone, MMB, Theater Bertolt Brecht), Dire T and The Multiple Masters are working on their first EP.
In April 2017, Ahnenerbe Records (by Leon Krasich and Noir) produces the second album/EP of Dire T, titled ‘Conspiracy’, supported by Richie Hawtin, Kerstin Eden, DJ Ruby, Gabriel Ferreira.

In July 2017 he takes part in the Bpm Park, sharing the stage with numerous artists such as Markus Henriksson (Nobody Home / Minilogue), Francesco Zappalà, Dj Josko and Paolo Zerla. Around the same time, Dire T’s ex band The Kolors asked him to join them for a live performance at the Napoli Pizza Village, where they played the track ‘Why Don’t You Love me?’, written by Stash Fiordispino and Dire T. The live act was organised in conjunction with the radio broadcaster RTL 102.5, and was aired on national television.
On 9 September 2017, he released his latest EP ‘Doctor Death’ with the Berlin label Resopal Schallware, which produced many artists such as Paul Ritch, Oliver Koletzki, Ilario Alicante, Florian Mendjl, Gaiser, Davide Squillace, Tigerskin and many others.
The EP is dedicated to Dr. Jack Kevorkian who was the first to practice euthanasia.
In December 2017 he released his last EP “Friends” in collaboration with Gianni Serra and with the fantastic remix created by Bohemien and Raf Parola with the label Phaze Records.


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